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Fullstack Development [they/them]

Andreas Feichtinger

Hello there, I am 26 years old and work in software development. I'm born and currently living in Graz, Austria. I'm a creator by heart. I love working on projects that help other people, make one's life easier or are simply beautiful. On this page you can find out more about me and my passion for technology, so feel free to take a look around or get in touch with me.

Web development

My current employment at the company Venuzle is as a fullstack developer. Here I work on a management and booking platform for sportsclubs and cities, as well as on a cooperation with LebensGroß. Our applications are built with the TALL stack, just like this website. I've also been working with techologies like vue.js and angular in the past.

Mobile applications

I love working on mobile applications. My experiences range from native Android applications with Java and Kotlin, over cross-platform applications with Flutter, to mobile-first layouts using web technologies. You can check out my projects below.

Software development

I also do classic software development where my main language is Java, though I like to work with other languages such as C# too. The plan for my next project in this sector is a revival of my Open Trainer Project with WPF and C#.

Additional interests

My passion for technology always delivers new ideas and projects. Be it in UI/UX Design, a new software project or playing around with my root server. If you want to talk about an idea over some coffee don't hesitate to contact me.

  1. Development of the portal "Sportfinder" Current

    As a cooperation with LebensGroß I develop an accessible platform to find & manage sports offers in Austria.

  2. Fullstack developer at Venuzle GmbH Current

    My work at Venuzle consists of building a full fledged web application based on the TALL stack. I take care of pretty much everything from databases to testing, as well as back- and frontend development.

  3. Cross-platform mobile application

    Development and release of the application 'Tribeka'. Used for tracking the working hours of employees. It was used from 2019 to 2022 and is now depricated. Built with Flutter. Basis for my first Bachelor's Thesis.

    Play Store
  4. Barista at Tribeka

    Quality assurance, service and consulting regarding coffee. | 20 h per week.

  5. Civil Service

    Service and tendance of eldery people.

  1. Master's degree program: Business Informatics Current

    Field of study: Software and Digital Experience Engineering

    View degree program
  2. Course - Creating Accessible Websites

    Achieve WCAG compliance by learning accessibility testing, WAI-ARIA, and website optimization for screen readers.

    View course
  3. Bachelor's degree program "Software Design" at FH Joanneum Kapfenberg

    Covered a wide variety of technologies in the complete software lifecycle.

  4. Second Bachelor's Thesis

    Title: Best practices of the microservice architecture based on well-known companies and conceptual implementation of a web application for working time recording. Written in German.

  5. First Bachelor's Thesis

    Title: The development of a cross-platform application to interface with the legacy website for tracking working time. Written in German.

  6. High-School Diploma - BG & BRG Seebacher Graz

    With computer science as elective subject for three years.

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